About Us

Where would cooking be without spices? Big Dave’s Spices offers a large variety of seasoning blends. Our 12 seasoning blends and 3 salsa recipes are original recipes that are hand-blended on-site. Keeping everyone’s health in mind, we acquire natural, high quality products, free of artificial additives and preservatives, when possible. A lot of our products are hot & spicy, but not all of them. We also carry a wide range of products that are well suited for people who prefer intense flavours without the heat. Simply refer to the heat rating that is assigned to most of our products to see how spicy they are. Most of our products are available in bulk quantities, and we offer discounts to wholesale customers.

Big Dave’s passion for offering the most wonderful blends of herbs, spices and ingredients allows you to recreate and enjoy fine dishes from every corner of the world in your own home.

About Big Dave’s Spices

We believe that our company represents a way of life – a way of life which is quite old-fashioned in that the human factor is still at the center of our focus. As an avid home cook, Big Dave has always loved the idea of creating new blends and recipes to share with family and friends and in 1993 started this family business. All these years gave us time to evolve into what we are today. Our philosophy has always been to make you the freshest product by small, batch blending to ensure you the highest quality spices for your cooking needs. You’re bound to find something your kitchen needs to expand the flavours in your spice collection.