Big Dave’s Seasoning Blends & Salsa Recipe and Spice Mixes

Big Dave’s Seasoning Blends

Big Dave’s Spices are a perfect and delicious way to add spice and flavour to your favourite meals. We offer 12 seasoning blends to make your job in the kitchen easier. Whether you like it hot and spicy or prefer a smooth and rich flavour, we have what you’re looking for. Experiment with new variations of chicken, beef, pork, fish and seafood. Also use these blends to finish a dish, mix up a salad dressing or to add flavour to snacks. These products are all natural and contain no added MSG.

Garlic Blaster  *OUR BESTSELLER*
Garlic Blaster *OUR BESTSELLER*


Big Dave’s Salsa Recipe and Spice Mixes

Make great tasting homemade salsa using your own fresh vegetables and Big Dave’s Salsa Spice and Recipe. Complete salsa recipe and spice is contained inside each package. This product is all natural and contains no added MSG.

Fresh Uncooked Salsas & Home Canned Tomato Salsa


Heat Ratings: Heat ratings are listed, for the appropriate products, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the mildest and 10 being the hottest. BE CAREFUL with any of our products with higher heat ratings (8 and higher). They may cause severe discomfort if not handled with care. Wash hands well with soap after handling hot items, or wear gloves while using them. DO NOT allow these products to get in your eyes or other sensitive areas.

Allergen Information: ALLERGEN(S): Mustard, Celery, Corn, Garlic, Onion, Sulfites are used in some of our blends. We do not use peanuts or tree nuts, egg, soy, fish or shellfish in any of our blends. However, people with severe allergies should be aware that some of our ingredients are processed in other facilities, and we cannot guarantee that these products have never been in contact with the above allergens.